A sixth victim died on Tuesday following the horrific attack by an anti-Trump Black Lives Matter supporter at the annual Waukesha Christmas Parade.

Witnesses said on Tuesday that as the vehicle barrelled through the parade it picked up speed.

** 18 Children were injured and sent to hospitals in the demonic attack.
** 62 individuals were injured in total
** 6 have died including a child on Tuesday

8-year-old Jackson Sparks died in the hospital on Tuesday after the BLM driver’s assault on the Waukesha Parade.

Jackson’s brother, Tucker Sparks, 12, continues to heal.

Following the attack several fake news channels ran with the “report” that the killer missed his turn and “accidentally” barreled down the street. Other channels reported the killer was being chased by police when he ran over 60+ innocents.

Of course this was all liberal media BS.

And now, independent journalists at Bevo Fox simulated Darrell Brooks’s drive through the Waukesha Parade along with actual footage of his devilish attack on children and seniors.

This is a brilliant video and proves the Waukesha killer was on a mission to murder as many innocents as was possible.

Waukesha Parade Attack: witness videos overlaid with a complete drive investigation video from Frame Park to Wisconsin Ave by @drewkaree, w/real-time Police Radio. Brooks wasn’t “fleeing” Frame Park: he intentionally plowed through eight blocks of the Christmas Parade. pic.twitter.com/dICUl3EzyB

— Bevo Fox (@bevo_fox) November 24, 2021

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