Three people died of heart attack between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon in the city of Kanpur, central-western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. At the same time, twenty-two people, including four teenagers, were admitted to the hospital. The number of people suffering from brain stroke has also increased. The unexpected drop in temperature was blamed by doctors.

Twenty-two individuals with heart attack and heart failure were reportedly admitted to the Heart Disease Institute. The outpatient department (OPD) saw 913 patients, and 13 people were admitted to the emergency room after suffering from brain stroke, according to Jagran.

The outlet reported:

Twenty-two patients of heart attack and heart failure have been admitted in the emergency of the Heart Disease Institute. 75-year-old Mahavir Sharan Gupta, a resident of Kuthund, Jalaun, died while doing electrocardiograph (ECG) at the Heart Disease Institute. He had sweating with chest pain in the morning. The relatives took him to the Heart Disease Institute along with the doctor, but he died on the ECG table even before the treatment started.

Similarly, Sarojini Devi, 59, a resident of Ghatampur and Hariom, 55, of the same area, died during treatment.

At the same time, 75-year-old Sitara Devi of Chakeri area fainted in the morning complaining of severe headache. Relatives first took him to Kanshiram Hospital, from there, seeing his condition, referred him to LLR Hospital, where he died on the way. Doctors in LLR declared him brought dead.

According to senior physician Dr. Neeraj Kumar, 70% of Tuesday’s patients are being treated for chest pain due to ‘cold temperature.’

The head of neurology at Halat, Dr. Alok Verma, has stated that the nighttime cold and the normal daytime temperature are to blame for brain stroke, Live Hindustan reported.

Temperatures for the entire month in Uttar Pradesh, India, via weather25, are displayed below.

“With the increase of winter, the number of heart patients has increased. On Tuesday, 913 patients were seen in the OPD. 22 serious patients have been admitted in the emergency till late evening. The duty of the resident has been put on 24 hours. All emergency medicines have also been made available,” said Pro. Vinay Krishna, Director, Lakshmipat Singhania Institute of Cardiology.

“Uncontrolled blood pressure and diabetes sufferers are vulnerable to brain stroke due to sudden exposure to cold. More patients of hypertension and diabetes are reaching the medicine OPD, including those of brain stroke. Till late evening, 13 brain stroke patients have been admitted to the emergency. Separate JRs have also been deployed in the stroke unit,” said Pro. Sanjay Kala, Principal, GSVM Medical College.

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