Monday, June 13th, is listed as one of the Supreme Court decision days. The much anticipated Roe v Wade decision is expected sometime this month. It could be tomorrow.

In anticipation of this historic decision far left groups are joining together in a planned insurrection and blockade of the US Supreme Court.

The far left group Shut Down DC announced last week that they will shut down and blockade the streets around the Supreme Court on Monday.

The far left group “Shut Down DC” announced plans to “blockade the streets around the Supreme Court” on Monday, June 13th, according to its website.

And now they have reinforcements.

The far left Extinction Rebellion Washington DC is planning to join the Shut Down DC in their blockade of the Supreme Court on Monday.

We’re joining ShutDownDC & friends to shut down the Supreme Court on Monday, June 13 to stand up for abortion rights & women’s rights! Our democracy is in crisis and we are committed to taking action.

Join us:

— Extinction Rebellion Washington DC (@xr_dc_) June 11, 2022

The groups are meeting at Stanton Park at 6:30 AM on Monday.

Want to #ShutDownSCOTUS with us on Monday but don’t have an affinity group? That’s ok! Meet us at Stanton Park at 6:45am. It will be hot so make sure to bring water, sunscreen, a hat, a mask, and whatever else you need.

— ShutDownDC (@ShutDown_DC) June 11, 2022

They’re open about the insurrection.

Paging @RuthMarcus and @PostOpinions

— ShutDownDC (@ShutDown_DC) June 10, 2022

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