Pro-abortion activists stormed the Wisconsin capitol on Wednesday on the same day as a special session.

Governor Tony Evers (D) held a special session on abortion as the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade looms.

Governor Evers lashed out at Republicans after they gaveled in and gaveled out without repealing Wisconsin’s abortion ban.

Republicans today defied the people of this state and rejected my special session to repeal Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban and ensure reproductive rights in Wisconsin are protected if #SCOTUS overturns #Roe. Read my full statement

— Governor Tony Evers (@GovEvers) June 22, 2022

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, abortion will effectively be illegal in Wisconsin.

Far-left abortion activists stormed the Wisconsin capitol on Wednesday and held a “pink out” prior to the special session.

The activists held signs that read “abortion is healthcare” and “bans off our bodies.”


The people of Wisconsin support access to abortion! Our legislators need to listen and pass the Abortion Rights Preservation Act!#PinkOutTheCapitol #BansOffOurBodies

— Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (@PPAWI) June 22, 2022

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