Dr. Fauci—is he the worst monster America has ever known or is he a hero, as the Democrat Party would like us to believe?

100 Percent Fed Up reports – In July 2020, In Style magazine featured a slick photo of Dr. Fauci poolside, wearing shades and looking very relaxed, while at the same time, he was asking Americans to remain hidden under their beds. The leftist media used every tool at their disposal to help push the propaganda that Dr. Fauci America’s “Good Doctor,” including doing personal stories about America’s highest-paid government worker and his bioethicist wife who is also paid by American taxpayers.

A special digital cover: Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife, bioethicist Dr. Christine Grady spoke to @NorahODonnell about the battle against COVID-19, Fauci’s contentious relationship with the White House and how he’s staying sane (pro-tip: he power walks). https://t.co/CSM3KjFk3X pic.twitter.com/aNJno1CUkC

— InStyle (@InStyle) July 16, 2020

On Oct 20, after several months of denying that Dr. Fauci’s NIH funded the “Gain of function” experiment in the Wuhan lab in China that brought us the CCP virus, the NIH released a statement setting the record straight. The statement claims that they did, in fact, fund the research in Wuhan, China. Instead of pointing the finger at the all-powerful Dr. Fauci, who for almost two years has been controlling the way Americans are allowed to live their lives, they throw Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance under the bus, saying they “violated terms and conditions of the NIH grant.”

“I told you so” doesn’t even begin to cover it here: https://t.co/9JFn85I24i

— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) October 21, 2021

Richard Ebright tweeted out about how these frauds brazenly lied and listed each offense below:

See thread at:

— Richard H. Ebright (@R_H_Ebright) October 20, 2021


Now The Hill is reporting yet another breathtaking story that reportedly involves funding by Dr. Faucis’ Dr. Frankenstein’s NIH  –

A bipartisan letter demands answers from the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Biden’s chief medical adviser.

The White Coat Waste Project, the nonprofit organization that first pointed out that U.S. taxpayers were being used to fund the controversial Wuhan Institute of Virology, has now turned its sights on Anthony Fauci on another animal-testing-related matter — infecting dozens of beagles with disease-causing parasites to test an experimental drug on them.

White Coat Waste claims that 44 beagle puppies were used in a Tunisia, North Africa, laboratory, and some of the dogs had their vocal cords removed, allegedly so scientists could work without incessant barking.

Leading the effort is Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), writing a letter to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) saying the cordectomies are “cruel” and a “reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds.”

“Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sandflies so that the insects could eat them alive,” White Coat Waste told Changing America. “They also locked beagles alone in cages in the desert overnight for nine consecutive nights to use them as bait to attract infectious sand flies.”

Mace’s letter was signed by several members of mostly Republican members of Congress, along with 9 Democrat lawmakers.

Are American taxpayers okay with paying for this monster to fund projects that include insects eating live puppies? What about paying for the funding of viruses that are unleashed on the world, causing lockdowns that lead to most Americans believing our 2020 election was stolen? When will Democrats and the media stop praising Dr. Fauci, and when will our DOJ make him pay a price for these crimes?


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