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I remember speaking with someone at the beginning of the covid plandemic.  They asked me if I really believed that there was some overarching evil plot going on.  I was taken back by the question.  It seemed like an accusation.  One that I didn’t want to be guilty of.  But the more I thought about that comment, the more I knew that my answer was yes.  I did believe there was a grand scheme against mankind.  Call it a conspiracy theory if you want, but didn’t Lucifer and one third of the angels conspire to overthrow God from the beginning?   Didn’t the serpent conspire against Adam and Eve in the garden to attack their identity and separate them from God?

Has the enemy ever stopped conspiring against God and His children?  From the beginning of man’s history we find that he has an archenemy.  A being that is hell-bent on destroying those who were made in the image of the almighty God.

Throughout that history, we learn of historic spiritual and supernatural battles between good evil.  Battles for the very souls of men.  Battles that culminated not only in the death, but also the resurrection of God’s one and only first-born son.  Many of those stories contain detailed depictions of the God of all creation interrupting the space-time continuum and suspending and breaking “natural” laws.  Scientifically, man has no explanation for many of the things that we read about in the Bible.  Science cannot explain how one man was able to defy death and raise to life again, but we say we believe he did.

We love the stories of how God intervened in the lives of His people in the Bible.  We love reading how the compassion of Christ drove Him to heal all were sick and oppressed by the devil.  And not only did Jesus do it, he taught His disciples to do the same.  To perform signs, wonders and miracles.

Some claim man has no more need for those types of heavenly intervention.  That since the canonization of the Scriptures, that God no longer works in such mysterious ways.  We still pray and ask for God’s help in our daily lives, but how many of our prayers are answered in quantifiable ways?  How many testimonies do we have that express the power and love of God for His children through means that science cannot explain?

We’ve become natural.  We believe more in science than we do in the supernatural power of God.  Sure God can do anything, but He probably won’t.  We believe He’s content to relegate the daily lives of men to the natural world.  Things that can be explained by scientific laws of nature.  For many Christians we have lost the sense of the supernatural.  We don’t believe that God will or does intervene outside of the concrete and tangible.

I came across this video, and so much of this interview struck a nerve with me.  I believe that there are forces at work within the world that are evil.  That have  been planning since the beginning of time for the overthrow of man and ultimately of God.  Satan has never stopped in His pursuit to dethrone God.  I believe he’s deceived.  He still believes that with enough numbers, through covenant with man that he could still ascend to the throne – God’s throne.

If the plandemic did anything for me, it reminded me of the spiritual battle that we as Christians are supposed to be engaged in.  The battle of good versus evil.  That there are men, women and children in the crosshairs of the enemy who are dying before their time who have not been reconciled back to the Father.  The battle is real.  The stakes are high.  And if we as Christians believe that we have any opportunity to win this battle (that the Bible says we’re supposed to win), then we have to engage in the fight on the same level as our enemy.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.  They are mighty through (our supernatural) God, for the pulling down of (spiritual) strongholds and every high thing (spirit) that would try to exalt itself against the name of God.

As I watched this video, I wondered how many churches would have any framework for a conversation regarding topics like these.  I wondered how many Christians even had a grid for supernatural events taking place in today’s world.

I believe it has been the work of the enemy to so remove the supernatural and paranormal from the worldview of most believers that they couldn’t even conceive of such “science fiction” being reality.  This would give him an advantage when the spirit of the antichrist begins to reveal new and amazing technologies as an answer in response to the woes of man.  The antichrist will appear as a purported savior for mankind, not as a destroyer.  He will bring with him many lying signs and wonders.  And unfortunately for many, will appear more powerful than the (appearingly) “dormant” God we’ve read about in our Bibles.

It’s time to believe again for the supernatural.  To ask God for things so grandiose that only He could answer.  To pray prayers that when answered can be quantified before the skeptics and unbelievers.  A day is fast approaching when the sons of God will need to be able to demonstrate the power of God.  What do we believe?


For one growing up in church, they could get the idea that sanctification is a process. That one becomes holier the closer he adheres to God's law and commandments now that they have received the free gift of salvation. However, righteousness is completely free! It is available to us through the finished work of Christ. It is all His doing. All His work! None of our own, lest we should boast. This is good news!


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