Dr. Scott Atlas joined the Trump Coronavirus Team in August 2020. This was months after Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx had spread their fear porn across the country and the developing world.

Dr. Atlas questioned Dr. Fauci’s irrational and unscientific policies. For this, he was public enemy number one to the political left and the fake news mainstream media.

Even hack Chris Wallace attacked Dr. Scott Atlas — which tells you everything!

FOX News Hack Chris Wallace Claims Dr. Scott Atlas Is Political and Should be More Like Dr’s Fauci and Birx

And Dr. Fauci continuously attacked Dr. Atlas after he dared challenge his authority.

WOW! Quack Dr. Fauci Attacks “Outlandish” Reporting by FOX News and his Differences with Dr. Scott Atlas

In late November Dr. Scott Atlas resigned from the coronavirus team.

On Wednesday night Dr. Scott Atlas joined Cortes and Pellegrino on Newsmax TV to discuss the explosive Fauci emails.

It appears Dr. Atlas is vindicated in his criticism of the Fauci lunacy that drove coronavirus pandemic policy.

Dr. Scott Atlas:  I was called an outlier.  And it’s good to be called an “outlier” when the “in-lyers” are what we’re seeing here…  These are emails from way before I got there so I’m seeing these emails for the first time for myself…  When I was trying to see the truth he (Fauci) would say, “The truth will prevail here.”  And I think that’s what we’re seeing here…  There is plenty of information there from way before I got there in August from February on that shows gross misinformation disseminated.

Via Cortes and Pellegrino:

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