Freedom of speech vs. tyranny and censorship  –  Will America and the world follow Elon Musk’s vision of Twitter or Barack Obama’s call for more censorship?  

Frank Gaffney released his Secure Freedom Minute this morning.  Today’s minute discussed the long-term highway that humanity will travel.  Will America and the world follow Barack Obama and censorship of free speech or will it follow free speech as espoused by Elon Musk during his efforts to purchase Twitter?  Which way will we go?  Will the first amendment die or thrive?

Last week Obama was at Stanford where he discussed his ideas for censoring free speech.  He argues that whatever he doesn’t like is disinformation and he wants this stopped.  This is not free speech.

Obama and Hillary Push for Government Censorship and Restrictions on Speech Claiming This Will “Bolster World Democracy”

Elon Musk two weeks ago shared that his efforts to take over Twitter were more than about the money.

Elon Musk on Purchasing Twitter: “This is not a Way to Make Money – To Have a Public Platform that Is Maximally Trusted and Inclusive Is Important to Future of Civilization”

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