Dr. Peter Navarro was on Steve Bannon’s War Room this morning and he discussed an attempted coup by nasty Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Dr. Navarro shared:

Let’s start with the November 3rd stolen election.  From that point the whole game plan of the RINO Republicans, the Pelosi-ites and others was to get Trump off the chess board.  So, it was treason for Pelosi herself to try to challenge the President.  [Bannon comments that a big word.]

It’s treason.  It’s treason.  I mean that.  Yes, I’ve thought long about it…You’ve got Pelosi effectively trying to pull a coup.  Remember she’s third in line in the succession.  If she can get it.

Bannon points out:

Third in line in succession but she has no operational roll whatsoever as Commander in Chief of the military until that succession takes place.

Dr. Navarro says:

I wonder if Milley was kind of having conversations with her.

Who deserves to be in jail more, Pelosi or the January 6th protestors? 

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