Another day in the Biden regime.

James Taylor crooned his classic “Fire and Rain” Tuesday afternoon outside the White House before Joe Biden’s planned remarks on the Inflation Reduction Act.

Joe Biden and the Democrats on Tuesday celebrated the $740 billion Green New Deal absurdly named the “Inflation Reduction Act” at the White House.

Biden celebrated his Inflation Reduction Act hours after a disappointing August inflation report.

The August inflation report was “hotter than expected.”

Inflation rose by 0.1% in August even though gas prices dropped.

That didn’t stop James Taylor from singing “Fire and Rain” about addiction and suicide.

It was a perfect metaphor for the Democrat Party’s addiction to spending and the crashing economy.

@DirARTState at the #WhiteHouse to celebrate the passage of the #InflationReductionAct with a performance by James Taylor singing a classic, “Fire and Rain.”

— Art in Embassies (@ArtinEmbassies) September 13, 2022

While the elites were celebrating the devastating numbers the stock market plunged 1,200 points.

It was another day in the Biden regime.

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