This was awkward.

Joe and Dr. Jill called NBC during the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday and it was a total disaster.

80-year-old Joe was a confused mess as usual.

The reporter shared her excitement with the viewers as Joe Biden called her: “I think I should answer this one! Hello?! Mr. President?”

But when she picked up the phone, it was nothing but dead air, confusion and mumbling.

The look on the reporter’s face said it all.

Joe and Jill could be heard mumbling to each other over the connection problem.

“I don’t think I can hear you!” the reporter said. “Can you hear me, Mr. President?”

She continued, “Hello? Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. President! Are you there?”

“We’re here!” Biden shouted after an excruciating 20 seconds of awkwardness.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” Dr. Jill shouted.


NBC called the president during the Thanksgiving parade and there was 20 seconds of dead air with Joe trying to figure out how to use a phone

— Not the Bee (@Not_the_Bee) November 24, 2022

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