And they called Trump a Fascist.

Joe Biden on Thursday delivered a press conference on his new “6-pronged” approach to combating Covid-19.

Biden announced he will be forcing all 2.1 million federal employees to take the Covid jab or else face firing in the next couple months.

Joe Biden also announced he will be forcing companies with more than 100 employees to either test workers or prove they are vaccinated.

Small businesses that do not comply with the Biden Regime’s new Covid mandates will face hefty fines.

Joe Biden’s message to the American people on Thursday: Screw your freedom

“This is not about freedom or personal choice,” said Biden.

Had enough yet, America?


President Biden: “We must increase vaccinations among the unvaccinated with new vaccination requirements… This is not about freedom or personal choice.”

— Newsmax (@newsmax) September 9, 2021

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