Joe Rogan compared former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to Trump’s White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany in a recent interview.

Rogan is not a fan of serial liar Jen Psaki. He skewered Psaki in a recent interview:

“When Jen Psaki said these vaccines are approved by the FDA, which is the gold standard, that was a lie. They weren’t approved. This was not true. They had an emergency use authorization. They weren’t approved. But she was a propagandist… The hard questions were all by Peter Doocy from FOX News. He’s the only guy like pushing back against her. And she just f**king flat out lied and not just one occasion, multiple occasions.

And here is what Joe Rogan said about Kayleigh McEnany:

“The only one who’s good at it. That girl McEnany, what’s her name? Kayleigh McEnany, the one who worked for Trump. That lady was a f**king assassin. That lady had like binders, with footnotes. And anyone say something she’d be like, “That’s interesting, because actually CNN said this.” And she would like quote it back to them and stuff it in there face. That lady was the best ever at that job. She’s the f**king Michael Jordan of White House press secretaries.”

Via The Storm Has Arrived.

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