Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was booed loudly at the Georgia Republican Convention on Saturday.

Brian Kemp was part of the regime that allowed Democrats to steal the 2020 presidential election in the state from President Trump.

Governor Kemp brought his wife and daughters with him on Saturday as human shields from the angry Trump base who turned out in droves at this year’s convention.

Blessed to have Marty and the girls at the GAGOP State Convention today. We’re Kemp Strong and humbled by the support of so many strong conservatives throughout the state! Keep Choppin’! #gapol

— Brian Kemp (@BrianKempGA) June 5, 2021

But the crowd was not going to give the governor a pass despite his family being on stage with him.
Radio host John Fredericks told The War Room on Monday that the First Lady Marty Kemp also was booed.

The deplorable know we are in a war with evil.
The elites still want polite conversation.

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