Joe Biden on Tuesday agreed to stick with the August 31 Afghanistan withdrawal deadline after the Taliban threatened “consequences.”

The Taliban on Monday announced they will not extend the August 31 deadline for US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The terrorists are calling the shots now.

Suhail Shaheen, Taliban’s spokesperson agreed to meet with Sky News in Doha and issued a stark warning. He has told Sky News there will be ‘consequences’ if the US delays their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden has created a potential hostage situation as thousands of Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan behind enemy lines

The Taliban has set up more than 20 checkpoints blocking safe passage to Kabul airport according to an American woman stranded in Afghanistan.

Biden has agreed to stick to the August 31 deadline after the US military gave Slow Joe a few days to think about it.

Reuters reported: “President Joe Biden has agreed with a Pentagon recommendation to stick with the Aug. 31 Afghanistan withdrawal deadline, an administration official told Reuters on Tuesday.”

The Biden White House refuses to say how many Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan.

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