House Democrats elected Hakeem Jeffries (NY) as their new leader.

Jeffries, 52, is an *election denier* and has repeatedly called Trump an illegitimate president.

Radical Marxist Rep. Katherine Clark (MA) was elected minority whip and Rep. Aguilar (CA) was elected Democrat Caucus Chair.

NBC reported:

House Democrats elected their new leadership team Wednesday, ushering in a younger generation of leaders after Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer decided to step aside after Democrats narrowly lost the majority this month.

“This is a moment of transition,” Jeffries told a small group of reporters in the Capitol on Tuesday night. “We stand on the shoulders of giants, but are also looking forward to being able to do what’s necessary at this moment to advance the issues.”

Jeffries’ top deputy will be Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass., 59, a progressive who served under Jeffries as vice chair of the Democratic Caucus and rose to assistant speaker this Congress. She was elected minority whip, the party’s top vote counter.

Rounding out the trio of new leaders is Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-Calif., 43, a Congressional Hispanic Caucus member and former mayor who was elected Democratic Caucus chairman — the role Jeffries has held for the past four years.

Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn earlier this month stepped down from their leadership positions in order to usher in the younger and more radical lawmakers.

Hakeem Jeffries is a dangerous “election denier” – only Democrats are allowed to question elections.

Republicans who question election irregularities and report on voter fraud are insurrectionists, according to the Democrat-media complex.

THREAD: Here are 8 times Hakeem Jeffries — the Democrats’ new House leader — denied election results.

1. Jeffries said “the more we learn about 2016 election the more ILLEGITIMATE it becomes.”

— Kyle Martinsen (@KyleMartinsen_) November 30, 2022

Hakeem Jeffries said Russia “artificially” made Trump President.


2. Jeffries claimed Russia “artificially” made Trump president.

— Kyle Martinsen (@KyleMartinsen_) November 30, 2022

More election denial…

4. Jeffries accused Republicans of cheating in the 2016 presidential election.

— Kyle Martinsen (@KyleMartinsen_) November 30, 2022

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