Kamala Harris traveled from Guatemala to Mexico on Tuesday to meet with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to discuss the Biden Administration’s immigration policies.

Harris was appointed as “border czar” in March and she is just now making her first trip to the Northern Triangle.

In a sign of weakness, a fully vaccinated Kamala Harris wore a face mask outside to greet Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who was not wearing a mask.

Another embarrassment on the world stage.


Fully vaccinated Kamala Harris wears a mask outside to greet the fully vaccinated Mexican president who is not wearing a mask pic.twitter.com/EA9ZZTFQD8

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 8, 2021

Recall, Kamala Harris held a joint presser with Guatemalan president Alejandro Giammattei on Monday.

The Guatemalan president reminded Kamala Harris to put on a face mask as she walked away from the lectern – and she obeyed.

Embarrassing and pathetic.

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