Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy met with bumbling Joe Biden last week to negotiate a federal budget before the deadline approaches in early June.

It appears the Republican Speaker was outplayed by the bumbling and corrupt dementia patient who regularly shakes hands with the air and gets lost on stage.

McCarthy bragged about cutting spending on Twitter after he and Joe Biden cut a deal.

The Twitter readers fact-checked him.

The debt limit deal does not cut spending. Rather, it limits the increase of spending. According to yahoo finance. It will “keep overall non-defense spending largely at current levels into next year. Then, in 2025, there will be a small 1% increase in spending.”…
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Via Catturd2

President Biden claimed he’d never negotiate. Leader Schumer insisted there’d be a “clean” debt increase.

They were wrong.

Republicans fought to spend less, block Biden’s new tax proposals, claw back unspent COVID money, and fully fund our veterans and defense priorities.

— Kevin McCarthy (@SpeakerMcCarthy) May 28, 2023

And this…

Blah blah blah – as expected, you folded like a cheap suit.

— Catturd (@catturd2) May 28, 2023

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