Trump-endorsed candidate Kristina Karamo, the Michigan nominee for Secretary of State, called out Michigan media today for ignoring a judge’s denial of a motion to dismiss from Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office.  This coverage is contrary to the local coverage when the Antrim County case brought by Attorney General candidate Matthew Deperno was abruptly dismissed in March of 2021.

Will the media in Michigan report on this? Or will they continue engaging in ad hominem attacks, calling people “election deniers”, who rightfully call out her corruption? She refuses to clean up the voter rolls, which is a direct attack on the sanctity of our elections.

— Kristina Karamo (@KristinaKaramo) August 29, 2022

The lawsuit brought by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) alleges over 26,000 dead voters still remain on the Michigan voter rolls.  The only Michigan news outlet to cover it appears to be Michigan’s CapCon, who slanted the byline to praise Benson for the 330k dead voters removed “since 2019.”  That is when Michigan joined the private voter roll management company, ERIC.  The article does not state whether the bulk of those removals was before or after the 2020 election.

PILF pointed out in their tweet that they challenged all of these voters back in 2020, which Jocelyn Benson seemed to ignore.

In 2020, we notified the Michigan Secretary of State’s office about dead registrants remaining on Michigan’s voter rolls, but @JocelynBenson did nothing about it.@FDRLST @MZHemingway @vemrshll

— PublicInterestLegal (@PILFoundation) August 29, 2022


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