Los Angeles County is planning to reinstate its indoor mask mandate on July 29.

If Los Angeles County remains in the CDC’s “High” level Covid alert for two weeks in a row, it will reinstate its indoor mask mandate, the Health Director said last week.

LA County public health director Barbara Ferrer last Thursday said, “Lots of folks are asking why we’re bothering and asking why don’t we just let things run their course like other places may have done.”

“I think it’s really hard … to look at the LA County data and not notice who continues to be hardest hit and not notice that we still have lots and lots of people with severe illness, lots of people who die and lots of people with long Covid, and not want to take a fairly straightforward step to try to layer in some additional protections,” she said.

Five days later, Barbara Ferrer was spotted at an MLB All-Star game – MASKLESS.

This is while she’s trying to convince the people of Los Angeles that there is currently a Covid five-alarm fire.


LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said we are in a “high concern” COVID category right now at her weekly briefing today. This was also her at the MLB All-Star game two days ago. @FOXLA ( @DetectiveMoses /IG: VintageLosAngelesCrime pic.twitter.com/x5ofNEHnic

— Travis Rice (@traviscrice) July 21, 2022

Here’s a split screen of the hypocrite calling for a mask mandate while she’s at a large venue sans mask:

Barbara Ferrer in her own words during the public health briefing Thursday why Los Angeles is on the precipice of another countywide mask mandate at the end of the month. @FOXLA pic.twitter.com/MoBl4yCMGZ

— Travis Rice (@traviscrice) July 22, 2022

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