Outspoken Catholic Priest Fr. James Altman from the diocese of LaCrosse Wisconsin was suspended this week from his parish duties.

Fr. Altman became popular during the shutdown for calling out the hierarchy of the Catholic Church for shuttering their doors from the faithful.

Altman also condemned the violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters who caused over a billion dollars in damages to businesses and communities over the past year.

TRULY AMAZING! Courageous Priest Admonishes Archbishop Gregory and Violent Rioters (VIDEO)

Later Father Altman called out the Catholics who are members of the Democratic Party for their stance on abortion rights. The reason he was finally suspended is his views on the COVID-19 vaccine. He has hired a Canon lawyer.

Here is the statement from the Diocese of La Crosse on the removal of Fr. Altman.

Here’s his Pentecost Sunday homily. 

Father James Altman is one courageous priest!

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