A complete monster today assaulted a woman with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene outside of the DC Gulag.

The man stood behind a little woman and blew a whistle as loud as he could in her ears.  He would not stop and would not leave.  The prison staff refused to take action when they were notified of this criminal activity outside of their facility. Do you think they would have come out if it was Pelosi out there?

This is criminal behavior.  At one point he screamed at someone, “Touch, you die!”

Is anyone else infuriated by this ghoul?  

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted about the attack later today.  She went to the DC Gulag again and was holding a press conference when it was interrupted by this criminal.

He was denying MTG her rights as a US citizen to speak and peaceably assemble.  And he was causing physical damage to anyone close by.  Where do these people come from?

This will continue until people like this are confronted and escorted from the area.  NO ONE has the right to damage your hearing for life and shut down your planned press conference like this.

Notice also that there were cameramen at the event. Are they going to release the video?

We toured the DC Jail today and held a press conference outside the jail after our tour. This man assaulted everyone there by blowing a whistle as loud in as he could in other’s ears and tried multiple times to assault me and other members.

My staff and others like this very… pic.twitter.com/dSQM2xUr74

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (@RepMTG) March 24, 2023

The man was breaking DC law. You cannot shut down a lawful public gathering in our nation’s capital.

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