Parents and concerned members of the North Hollywood community protested outside Saticoy Elementary School after the school released plans to host a Gay Pride and Rainbow Day Assembly.

The news of the assembly attracted hundreds to protest against the school’s decision, but also garnered the attention of LGBTQ activists who agitated the parents who came to exercise their First Amendment rights.

At first, both sides peacefully protested. However things turned quickly changed and a clash between the two groups occurred.


Tense protest outside an elementary school in the San Fernando Valley as it prepares to hold a Rainbow Day assembly today to honor #PrideMonth. Parents who organized the protest say pride material isn’t age appropriate. @ABC7

— Marc Cota-Robles (@abc7marccr) June 2, 2023

Another angle:

A fight broke out today outside of Saticoy Elementary in Los Angeles between supporters and opponents of the school’s LGBTQI2S+ Pride celebrations.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) June 2, 2023

The clash was resolved by the law enforcement officers and there was no reported injuries.


At Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, controversy over a scheduled Pride event came to a head Friday morning when parents on both sides of the issue squared off in dueling demonstrations that turned violent.

The two sides traded arguments and insults over the officers’ heads. Helicopter footage showed the war of words turned physical at one point, with multiple punches thrown. After a few moments, other members of the crowd were able to successfully separate the combatants, and police swooped in to maintain order.

Here’s a closer look at the protest before the clash:

Parents in N Hollywood protest in front of Saticoy Elementary School over them having pride event at school. Bravo

— Lexit (@LexitMovement1) June 2, 2023


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