Lightning struck outside the White House just moments before Biden began his press conference on the Kabul blasts that killed at least 13 US servicemen.

Joe Biden was 25 minutes late to his presser on Thursday after hiding all day like a coward.

A lightning bolt struck outside the White House followed by a loud clap of thunder.

The US Marine posted outside the White House jumped when the thunder hit.


God is angry. This just happened.

— Amy Tarkanian (@MrsT106) August 26, 2021

On Thursday, two IEDs were set off by suicide bombers in the crowd outside the Kabul airport, killing at least 60 and wounding at least 150.

According to US officials, at least 13 US servicemen were killed and 15 more were injured in the blasts.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy confronted Biden on the death of 12 US Servicemen in Kabul – and Biden shifted the blame to Trump.

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