Attorney Matt DePerno is holding a press conference in Antrim County today. The presser started around noon.

100% Fed Up’s Patty McMurray is covering the press conference live today from Antrim County.
Plaintiff Bill Bailey joined Matt DePerno today up front for the press conference.

As The Gateway Pundit reported on Sunday night — On Friday evening, Matt DePerno’s law office was broken into.

Then on Sunday night — DePerno got a call from a VFW representative telling him that they could no longer allow him to use the VFW hall for his press conference after they allegedly received threats from someone or some group for allowing DePerno to use their facility for his press conference.

9AM – Michigan Attorney Matt DePerno goes live and then we tune in to MCBOS

— Liz Harris, MBA (@LizHarrisMBA) May 17, 2021

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