The Racine Sheriff’s Office announced on Thursday they will hold a hearing on Thursday at 11 AM at the Sheriff’s substation.

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling promised to unveil the results of an extensive investigation with implications throughout Racine County and Wisconsin.

Sheriff Schmaling said they will be available to answer questions and provide documentation at today’s hearing.

The Racine Sheriff’s Office made the announcement Wednesday on their Facebook page.

The Gateway Pundit friend and contributor Jefferson Davis attended the briefing this morning.

The press conference will be live at the Racine County Sheriff’s Facebook Page.
(We are currently waiting for the live-stream to start)

According to our source on the ground in Wisconsin — Sheriff Schamaling HAS VIDEO — Shows criminal actions!


Sheriff Schmaling: “You will not hear about our opinion in this investigation. You will see facts… Election Law Was Not Just Broken — But Shattered!… ”

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