Psychopath and serial liar Dr. Tony Fauci was booed loudly at the Mariners game on Tuesday night where he was asked to throw out the first pitch.

You can hear fans scream, “Loser!” as Fauci approaches the pitching mound.

Fauci booed as he walks out to give first pitch at Seattle Mariners

— Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) August 10, 2022

More video…

Fauci booed while throwing out first pitch at Mariners game in Seattle

At least he has worked on his pitching since last time

— Ari Hoffman (@thehoffather) August 10, 2022

More video…

Watch: Anthony Fauci receives jeers and boos from Seattle crowd when throwing out first pitch at Mariners game

— Not the Bee (@Not_the_Bee) August 10, 2022

Dr. Fauci is famous for destroying the global economy, funding the Wuhan biolabs, lying about his involvement in funding the Wuhan biolabs, being wrong on masks, being deadly wrong on COVID vaccines… And that’s just a partial list.

The man is very dangerous and shows no remorse for his actions.

The Daily Mail reported:

Dr. Anthony Fauci was booed by baseball fans on Tuesday as he threw out the first pitch in the Seattle Mariners game against the New York Yankees.

Fauci has seen a massive dip in his popularity since his meteoric rise to becoming a household name during the beginning of the pandemic, as over half of independent voters want him gone.

‘58.9 percent of independent voters believe Dr. Fauci should resign his position and role in leading the government’s COVID-19 response to allow for new leadership,’ a poll by Convention of States Action showed earlier this year.

Those voters will likely get their wish — Fauci said in July he would be leaving his post by the end of President Joe Biden’s first term.

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