This is too wild.  A man in Illinois was charged with killing his wife on Monday.  Now his answer on the game show Family Feud has come back to haunt him. 

TMZ reports:

On Monday, Timothy Bliefnick was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of a home invasion, the Daily Mail reported. He appeared in court on Tuesday and did not enter a plea. He is being held without bail.

The Daily Mail reported more on the man from Quincy, just north of St. Louis.

Bliefnick appeared in court on Tuesday having been accused of fatally shooting his estranged wife, who was also mother to his three children.

Rebecca Bliefnick, 41, was found dead in her home by a family member on February 23 after they became concerned that she had not collected her three children from their school in Quincy, Illinois.

Bliefnick looked much different than the man that was on Family Feud four years earlier.  The death was reported a domestic abuse and both Bliefnick and his wife had restraining orders on each other.

This horrible story has a twist.  Four years ago, Bliefnick was on family feud.  He answered a question about marriage that was eerily prophetic.

When asked about what is the biggest thing that people regret from their wedding night, Bleifnick answered – “Saying I do”.

This was a shocking answer but it turned out to be one of the top answers to the question on the show.

At the time, Bliefnick shared that he loved his wife and that this didn’t apply to him.  On the show, he seemed outgoing and funny.

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