Atlanta, Georgia – A beloved grandmother was found stabbed to death in her own garage over the weekend.

Eleanor Bowles, 77, was found stabbed to death in the garage of her home in a gated Buckhead community on Saturday.

23-year-old Antonio Brown was taken into custody on Monday and is being held at Fulton County Jail on “charges of murder, aggravated battery, elder abuse, possession of a knife during the commission of a felony and hijacking a motor vehicle.” WSBTV reported.

According to reports, a citizen spotted Antonio Brown and called police.

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Eleanor Bowles’ stolen Lexus was tracked down in DeKalb County.

Deputy Chief Charles Hampton said police have had previous encounters with Antonio Brown.

According to the Daily Mail, Antonio Brown was running from the cops after robbing a liquor store before he stabbed Eleanor Bowles.

The Daily Mail reported:

A career criminal who stabbed a grandmother to death while trying to steal her car had been ‘chased out of a liquor’ store just minutes before the killing after ‘trying to rob them while brandishing a knife’.

Grandmother Ellen Bowles, 77, was attacked in the garage of her $800,000 home in Buckhead, an affluent suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday.

Her son Michael Bowles, 30, discovered his mother’s body inside the gated community as he arrived home for the holidays.

Antonio Brown, 23, has been arrested on suspicion of murder, aggravated battery, hijacking a motor vehicle in the first degree, possession of a knife and abuse of a disabled or elderly person. can reveal that minutes before the killing, Brown had threatened staff at a nearby liquor store with a knife before being chased away. He then ‘hopped over’ the fence of the gated community.

Staff at Buckland Wine and Liquor confirmed the incident to but declined to comment further.

Atlanta Police confirmed they were called to the area at 11:53am on December 10, around half an hour before they estimated mother-of-two Bowles was killed.

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