The Maricopa County Police airplane continues to fly nearer and nearer to the Coliseum where the audit of the Maricopa County 2020 Election results is taking place.  It is now flying right over the Coliseum.  There must be lots of stolen cars circling the Coliseum.

We first reported on May 3rd that there was a Maricopa County spy plane circling at or near the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum where the 2020 Election audit is taking place.

EXCLUSIVE: Spy Plane Identified Circling the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum Where the Election Audit Is Taking Place – What’s Going On? …Update: Phoenix Police Respond

In response to this article we received the following response from Maggie Cox, Sergeant Public Affairs Bureau Phoenix Police Department:

This was brought to our attention by another media outlet. The article narrative is not accurate. While the maps do accurately represent our flights, both times were the aircraft was on police calls that had nothing to do with the events at the Veteran Memorial Coliseum. Please update your news story”.

Sergeant Cox later responded to us with this:

The mission of the Phoenix Police Department Air Support Unit which includes the PC-12 plane is to support patrol and enable officers on the street do their job more effectively.   The flight patterns of our PC12 on April 30th [the dates from our first post] were related to two separate police investigations. The first was a stolen vehicle call for service around 4300 West Glendale Avenue (Incident Report #2021-669553) and the 2nd was a stolen vehicle and fugitive apprehension investigation in the area of 4800 West Thomas Road (Incident Report# 2021-668572).  Additionally, in your article, you suggest our PC-12 is equipped with technology such as listening devices and license plate readers; this is not accurate. Thank you for reaching out and verifying information with our department to ensure accurate information is provided in your news story.

Sergeant Cox may have been referring to our next report on May 4th describing the type of device that might have been used on the police spy plane PC12.

The Use of Stingrays, Devices to Locate and Track Suspects Via Their Cell Phones, Is Used Around the Country – Does This Explain Arizona?

We then reported on the 5th that the police were still  flying in a surveillance pattern in their spy plane near the Coliseum:

The Phoenix Police Airplane Flew in a Data Gathering Pattern Near the Coliseum Where the Audit Is Being Held

We’ve learned since our last post that airplanes like the PC12 cost roughly $1,200-$1,800 per hour to run.  This is an expensive cost for chasing down car thieves?

We’ve also seen police helicopters in similar patterns in the same area:

Evidently, Phoenix has had an explosion of “police calls” over the past week that happen to be near the audit because multiple surveillance flights have taken place near the Coliseum where the audit is taking place.  We even have records of flights right over the Coliseum.

We’ll reach out to the county again for any additional information they can provide on the more recent PC12 flights in the county.

It sure is expensive hunting down car thieves in Maricopa County these days.  


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