Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva sent deputies to the Venice Boardwalk this week to help solve the homeless crisis.

Venice Beach has turned into a crime-riddled, drug-infested tent city shit hole under Democrat leadership.

The Los Angeles seaside city was once a world-famous tourist hot spot known for its boardwalk and outdoor gym “Muscle Beach.”

Now it’s a 3rd world hell hole.

According to LAPD stats, crime went up 31% from 2019 to 2020 in Venice.

Marxist LA City Councilman Mike Bonin lashed out at the sheriff and said he sent deputies to the boardwalk for a photo op and to “exploit” the problem.

Mike Bonin is a typical do-nothing leftist.

The homeless crisis in Los Angeles has spiraled out of control because of far-left officials like Mike Bonin.

The deputies were able to “connect six people experiencing homelessness on the Venice Boardwalk with services and help them find housing (two were veterans). This is how we solve the homeless crisis and regulate public space, one person at a time,” Sheriff Villanueva said.

Sheriff Villanueva has a message for Mike Bonin: “Get out of the way.”


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