It was never about a virus.

The White House on Thursday was packed with smiling, maskless Democrat lawmakers and Biden officials shaking hands and hugging.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was among the maskless lawmakers at the White House on Thursday.

There are two sets of rules: One for Democrats and elites in the Biden Admin and one for GOP lawmakers.

Pelosi is still requiring lawmakers to wear a mask on the House floor despite the CDC recommendation that vaccinated people can be indoors without a face mask.

Pelosi is fining GOP lawmakers $500 each for flouting her mask rules.

GOP lawmakers are refusing to wear masks so Pelosi is now suggesting that members of Congress who don’t prove vaccination status should be denied access to the House floor.

Meanwhile at the White House…


Maskless hugs and handshakes are back in at the White House.

— The Recount (@therecount) May 20, 2021

Congressman Massie blasted hypocrite Pelosi.

Meanwhile, @SpeakerPelosi fined me and @RepMTG and @RepBrianMast and other republicans $500 for not wearing a mask in the House chamber this week. Hypocrite!

— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) May 20, 2021

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