Brazil’s President called for his supporters to come out and support him and their country on the nation’s Independence Day earlier this week. 

The AP reported:

Tens of thousands of supporters of embattled right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro heeded his call and turned out at rallies Tuesday as he stepped up his attacks on Brazil’s Supreme Court and threatened to plunge the country into a constitutional crisis.

Bolsonaro has been locked in a feud with the high court, in particular a justice who has jailed several of the president’s supporters for allegedly financing, organizing or inciting violence or anti-democratic acts, or disseminating false information.

Massive crowds stood up for their independence and freedom in Brazil on Tuesday and supported Bolsonaro.

The people of Brazil have finally had enough… good for them!

— Truth Sauce (@PatriotSauce) September 7, 2021

Brazilians are standing up for freedom and against tyranny and abuse from a radical court.

Eu NUNCA vi a Esplanada assim.

— Marcio Furtado (@supermarcio_1) September 7, 2021

The corruption around the world, including the US, must be stopped.

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