Over the weekend, thousands of protesters took over Times Square in New York City for a massive ‘world freedom rally’ against the oppressive vaccine mandates.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio recently began enforcing one of the country’s most authoritarian vaccine passport requirements for schools, restaurants, and public spaces. The mandate has crippled local businesses, which have reported a 40-60% drop in traffic since they were implemented.

New Yorkers are completely fed-up, and rightly so.

(Hat tip to local independent journalist Leeroy Johnson – @leeroypress – for attending the event and providing the great videos)

Take a look:

Massive crowd takes over Time Square in NYC for the World Freedom rally. The protest against mandates. #Freedomrally #NYC #SASAENG_OUT #Saturday pic.twitter.com/CJb8098fuD

— Leeroy Johnson (@LeeroyPress) October 16, 2021


The protesters waved American flags and held signs that read “F*ck Biden” and “Let’s go Brandon!” as they marched through the streets chanting “WAKE UP NEW YORK.”

Protesters against the take to the streets of NYC and chant ” WAKE UP NY ” #FJB #nyc #vaccine pic.twitter.com/NUsuXrOS6E

— Leeroy Johnson (@LeeroyPress) October 16, 2021

Protesters also made a stop at CNN’s corporate headquarters to hilariously deliver a message to the FAKE NEWS in person.

I think we can all agree with the crowd on this one.

(Video taken by mi Amigo @LeeroyPress) pic.twitter.com/MEg6bH17kC

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) October 16, 2021

The main event, taking place in Times Square, was attended by several prominent local figures who spoke in favor of freedom during the rally. The speakers included members from the right and the left, including Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Bill Pepitone (Republican NYC mayoral candidate), and even Kevin McCall (a progressive ‘social justice’ preacher).

During Kennedy’s time on stage, he spoke about how the Democrats have worked (somewhat successfully) to take away the first amendment rights of many Americans through the vaccine mandates and Covid lockdowns.

Just like all the others in the crowd, he has had enough of the left’s tyranny.

Rfk Jr speaks out about the first amendment and how the democrats are trying to take it away at the protest against mandates in NYC#NYC #NoVaccinePassports #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/cwS6uoFbk0

— Leeroy Johnson (@LeeroyPress) October 16, 2021

The radical mandates and restrictions on individual freedoms have created a massive backlash that has started to bring people from all sides together, unifying them in the pursuit of American freedom for the first time in years.

If this movement can continue to spread, these dystopian mandates won’t last long at all.


(Thank you Scott LoBaido for the wonderful work of art, 100% NY right there)

At the World Freedom rally in Time Square NYC at the protest against mandates @ScottLoBaido reveals his new art work of Joe Biden while the crowd chants ” F×CK JOE BIDEN ” #LetsGoBrandon #fjb #NYC pic.twitter.com/bEow3QQeSI

— Leeroy Johnson (@LeeroyPress) October 16, 2021

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