In December The US Army announced they were investigating at least two officers who wore fetish “pup” masks while in uniform.

“Military law prohibits conduct by an officer that disgraces them personally or brings dishonor to the military profession. There are a range of potential punishments for violations, including letters of reprimand.” USA Today reported.

But it’s not just pup-play that is a turn on for certain members of the US military. Recently, NOVA Campaigns discovered a gay furry couple was posting their own photos in costume and military gear. It must be a turn on for them.

NOVA Campaigns posted this thread this morning.

Hoover, @SterlingTheLion, feels free to celebrate his new crew chief @usairforceassignment and promotion to NCO in his official flight suit, stripped of identification, but flaunting his USAF position

His ass photo shoot collage includes his USAF cammo uniform & Furry rear end

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

In an interesting & surprising flex, Hoover @SterlingTheLion films himself as crew chief in a @usairforce aircraft taking apart a panel & sticking his proprietary “Furry sticker” on its underside, & replaces the part

Defacing @DeptofDefense property for sexual pleasure & giggles

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

D Hoover @SterlingTheLion was excited when @usairforce moved to OCP flight suits for crew chiefs

So he tried his on with Lion Fur head and accessories

Precisely what his Squadron Commander recommended right?

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

“Mylo” @MilWolfMylo is actually Connor, the husband of Dawson, and he’s about to get out of @USArmy

Both MilFurries are headed west to California, which will no doubt make Dawson happy – less rain & snow

Lots of puppy play though, with @DeptofDefense commissions in sight

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

Mylo @MilWolfMylo, aka Connor, is likely active duty, and a nurse at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital

Here’s Connor taking selfies at work in the bathroom:

“Good evening, I’ll be your dadd- your nurse, l’ll be your nurse tonight.”

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

Connor @MilWolfMylo is winning awards and recognition, but as with all woke military Furries, he’s encouraging the LGBTQIA2S+ ideology in the ranks while on duty… @SecDef is proud

His Fur fetish almost failed him a uniform inspection, as his dress uniform attracts synthetic fur

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

See, both of these married gay @usairforce and @USArmy servicemen have SFW Furry profiles AND private NSFW “AD” profiles, where they separately solicit nudes, hookups, and friendship with other gay Furries across the country

Precisely what @PupRavage & @Chief7110 are also into

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

“It just their kink in private” you say

What’s the point of “honor, courage, commitment, integrity, service before self, Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, & Personal Courage,” etc, this degenerate behavior is flaunted?@PupRavage can do it, he’s a Colonel, why can’t we?

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

So raise a cold can of @budlight to Dawson and Connor, @SterlingTheLion & @MilWolfMylo

They’re moving from the DMV to California to get away from the East Coast, and “Aim High” for military commissions

The Fur gang bang scene CA is also apparently way chiller

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

The Furry community isn’t as kind as it says it is

Don’t post furry pictures in military uniform, on military installations, or post NSFW content while in military uniform on duty

Also, don’t damage military property and post it online

Furries Unite!

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

Once again, the MilFurTwitter boys lock things down after their degeneracy in uniform is reposted

Wearing uniforms with furry costumes is a disgrace to the uniform

Posting sexual fantasies while at the office. a military hospital, is disgraceful

You wanted to be noticed

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) May 30, 2023

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