War veteran Joey Jones released some tweets this morning regarding the bombs that went off in Kabul, Afghanistan this morning causing multiple dead and injured. 

Joey Jones is a war hero from Iraq and Afghanistan whose injuries and recovery are well-documented.  On his tour in Afghanistan he, unfortunately, was injured from a bomb.

The explosion took both of Jones’ legs above the knees and caused severe damage to his right forearm and both wrists. Shrapnel sliced all over Chir’s body and shock waves pounded Greer’s brain — damage that later killed him.

Jones spent weeks at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and then was assigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., where he spent five weeks undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation.

He had an incredibly tough time in the hospital. The feeling of helplessness often angered him, the countless surgeries were draining, and not being able to do the simple things by himself were frustrating. With confidence, perseverance and the support of his family and friends, he made it through.

After his rehab, Jones was fitted with permanent prosthetic legs. Just like anything else, he said, it took a lot to get used to, with years of rehabilitation and physical therapy. He then downplayed it a bit and compared it to having braces.

Today after the news of Americans being abandoned and murdered in Afghanistan, Jones shared the following:

Cowards kill innocent people, and coward leaders give them the opportunity. National disgrace, global tragedy.

— Joey Jones (@Johnny_Joey) August 26, 2021

He then suggested American veterans from Afghanistan (of which he is included) should march peacefully no Washington to encourage Biden to not allow Americans to be murdered without a fight.

Afghanistan veterans should peacefully march on washington and make sure @JoeBiden knows we won’t let our brothers and sister be murdered for without a fight.

— Joey Jones (@Johnny_Joey) August 26, 2021

Jones also described how complex ambushes occur:

A complex ambush: the initial attack, a bomb or gun fire, is intended to distract or funnel victims towards a second or third attack. Usually it is a bomb going off immediately followed by gun fire. The victims are busy applying aid of those injured and become “fish in a barrel”

— Joey Jones (@Johnny_Joey) August 26, 2021

Americans, including veterans from foreign wars, are disgusted with the actions by the Biden Administration in Afghanistan.  What a mess.



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