The Wentzville School District in Missouri telling parents they do not teach the Critical Race Theory (CRT) but evidence shows another story.

The CRT is a warped and sick theory that claims white people are evil people and they hurt people of the black race in America.  Its supporters say will bring about proper change, the theory will aid the country in agreeing that it is racist and bad.  The theory pushes race barriers rather than eliminates them and it’s being taught across the country in schools almost everywhere.

Recently the Wentzville School District in Missouri held a meeting where the CRT was discussed.  In May, the District claimed it did not have CRT in its curriculum.

Unfortunately, there is evidence this is not the case.  There is evidence that race is discussed by the faculty.

One resident claimed it was confusing when the district says they are not teaching CRT yet books provided to the children do include CRT-related material.

The books referred to share stories indicating race was made up by white people.

According to this book, white people set up the rules to give them an unfair advantage.

At a recent Wentzville School District (WSD) meeting with parents in the district, CRT was discussed.  Here are some key comments from the video below:

01:40 – Parents charged for sunshine law requests

07:18 – WSD addresses student instructional learning loss due to disciplinary reasons for missing class, but not for mandatory quarantines.

09:36 – This speaker talks about specifics w/ curriculum coordinators supporting CRT

18:49 – This speaker talks about the district not informing the public about the ESSER III funding (Covid $$) guidelines that we will be required to follow if we apply for the funding.  The parents are expressing concerns over forced masking and vaccination possibilities and they have been addressing this with the board since the beginning of summer. The Superintendent who is in charge of this funding application is refusing to give the public clear answers. If the district takes the money, they will be forced to follow the health mandates passed down by the state board of education and the state health department as well as the CDC.

21:40 – This one is probably a bombshell… this parent has addressed student data and privacy violations several times with the board. This time he talks about an instance where a student, on school property, on a school issued device, using an application as directed by the school, was contacted via chat by an adult in another state who was pretending to be a student. When he informed the district, they told him to take it up with the makers of the application and gave him their contact info. They dismissed his concerns.

School Districts across the country need to be monitored.  The federal government has made it beneficial to the districts to follow federal policies, no matter how crazy they are, in order to receive government funding. 


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