Morbidly obese White House reporter, Yamiche Alcindor urged the Biden Admin to put pressure on the CDC to reverse the updated mask guidance.

In March, the CDC is finally admitted what we’ve known all along: the overwhelming majority of people who were hospitalized or died from Covid were obese or overweight.

“As clinicians develop care plans for COVID-19 patients, they should consider the risk for severe outcomes in patients with higher BMIs, especially for those with severe obesity,” the agency wrote.

Last Thursday the CDC updated its guidance on masks and said fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors.

This greatly upset the morbidly obese and Covid cultists who are suffering from a myriad of severe mental illnesses.

The hypochondriacs suffering from a fear of breathing fresh air, want to cling to their masks and they want everyone else to wear masks too.

Yamichie Alcindor (who wasn’t wearing a mask during the White House briefing) also made mask wearing about race, because why not?


Unreal… @Yamiche just urged Jen Psaki to reverse the CDC guidance on no longer wearing masks once vaccinated because it puts “people of color at risk.”

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) May 17, 2021

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