The Biden regime is handing out asylum to illegal aliens as they cross over the border in a massive asylum fraud rubber stamp operation. There is no investigation. They do not even know who these people are since they all ditch their IDs in the bushes before they cross into the US.

The Biden regime is killing America.

This is purposeful.

Todd Bensman joined Steve Bannon on Friday on The War Room to discuss this new policy implemented by the rogue Biden regime. Joe’s handlers are intent on destroying this country.

Todd Bensman: In my opinion, this is a mass asylum fraud rubber stamp operation. They are handing the authority to grant asylum to front-line regular asylum officers. You can see them say, “Oh my God, they’re getting persecuted back in Honduras.” And they can stamp asylum right there or within a month or so they can stamp out asylum and you’re in. The reason why this is an asylum fraud mill is because all of the persecution stories are bogus. You’re not able to verify. There’s no requirement to verify any of it. And so in order to clear the backlog and legalize everybody so there’s not a lot of illegals running around the country you’ll just have a whole lot of asylum fraudsters running around.

And, of course, these asylum fraudsters will be entitled to more US taxpayer dollars when they come in.

This is pure lawlessness.

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