It was an awful day for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.  It was so bad that now the Democrats might come out and admit they stole the election and hand back to President Trump what is rightfully his.

We’ve provided numerous instances of Joe Biden’s fumbles on the world stage today, but this was cringeworthy and embarrassing.  Do you think the leaders of the free world believe Biden won the 2020 election and has all his faculties together?

At one point in his talk today Biden was so confused that he thought Russia was in Libya, not Syria.  He said this multiple times.

WATCH: Biden thinks Syria is Libya. (Made mistake multiple times in G7 speech)

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) June 13, 2021

This was bad, really bad.

How much longer are Biden’s handlers going to keep him on the world stage?  Are they afraid Kamala is worse?

Note to Democrats: If you’re going to steal an election make sure your candidate can tell the difference between Syria and Libya.  For that matter, make sure your candidate can complete a sentence.

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