An angry mother-of-three on Monday confronted New York City Mayor Eric Adams over his mask mandate for toddlers.

Recall, Adams and NYC Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan recommended the toddler mask mandate remain in place last week.

The toddler mask mandate was ordered to remain in place after a back-and-forth in court on Friday.

Daniela Jampel, who worked for the city as an attorney, crashed Adams’ press conference on Monday to air her grievances over the extended mask mandate for 2-4 year olds.

“Three weeks ago, you told parents to trust you that you would unmask our toddlers,” Jampel said to Adams.

“You stood right here, and you said that the masks would come off April 4. That has not happened,” she added.

.@NYCMayor lied parents.

He told us to “Trust me, they’ll be unmasked.”

He told us that the masks would be coming off April 4.

On April 1, he fought a court battle to keep his Toddler Mask Mandate. And then bragged about winning.

Shameful & dishonorable.

— Daniela Jampel (@daniela127) April 2, 2022

According to the New York Post, Mayor Adams was annoyed by Jampela’s confrontational comments on the toddler mask mandate after he realized she wasn’t a reporter.

Shortly after Jampela left the presser, she received an email that she had been fired from her job as an attorney for the city.

The New York Post reported:

The Big Apple mom who crashed Mayor Eric Adams’ press conference Monday to blast him over his tot mask mandate was fired shortly afterward from her job at the city Law Department, The Post has learned.

Daniela Jampel, who served as an assistant corporation counsel, learned she was canned less than an hour after she confronted a caught-off-guard and apparently annoyed Adams over when he would “unmask our toddlers.”

As Jampel attempted to ask why, City Hall staffers tried to cut her off when they realized she wasn’t a reporter, but Adams, seemingly miffed at the mom getting a question in, allowed her to continue, although he told her she needed to “come to a conclusion.”

“Turn on your phone so you can get my answer correctly but come to a conclusion,” he snipped.

Sources close to the matter said Jampel – a leading local critic of the toddler mask mandate and pandemic school closures – was informed by e-mail shortly after the presser that she was fired.

The Law Department’s spokesman confirmed to The Post that Jampel was terminated Monday, although the rep said the decision to fire her was made “prior to today.

Daniela Jampela said that she is retaining counsel in a statement to the media/public:

My statement is that I am retaining counsel and will not litigate in the press.

Also, the NY Post used the most unflattering picture of me ever taken. Next time I will dress up for my big day.

Finally, @MichaelElsenRoo is a petty petty man.

Je ne regrette rien.

— Daniela Jampel (@daniela127) April 5, 2022

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