Public appeals coming out of Iran, by brave mothers whose children were killed by the Mullas, are urging people to boycott the upcoming ‘sham’ election.

M. Hanif Jazayeri, a news editor in Iran, told The Gateway Pundit, “The international community should know that any interaction and cooperation with the mullahs will only help the regime in repressing and killing Iran’s people. It will help the regime get its hands on nuclear weapons and provoke conflicts in the region. The Biden Administration and the EU should echo the call by the Iranian people and condemn this sham election as illegitimate.” 

Jazayeri added subtitles to the following video footage:

More mothers of victims of state murders in Iran are recording public messages saying: #BoycottIranShamElections

This brave mother challenges Ebrahim Raisi (Judiciary Chief + the Supreme Leader’s pick for President) to answer for the murder in custody of her son Behnam Mahjoubi.

— M. Hanif Jazayeri (@HanifJazayeri) June 4, 2021

Another brave mother sends defiant message from Tehran:

“My vote is regime change”

The people of Iran are no longer afraid to challenge the regime openly. #BoycottIranShamElections

CC: @eu_eeas @StateDept @GermanyOnMENA @FCDOGovUK @francediplo_EN

— M. Hanif Jazayeri (@HanifJazayeri) June 4, 2021


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