Guest post by Victor Nieves

The insult against women continues as USA Today chose to honor a man as one of their “women of the year.” This time, biological male, state representative Leigh Finke who “transitioned” in 2017 made the short list of so-called heroic women.

Finke was only elected last November but has been described as an activist for BLM and LGBTQ causes.  The Gateway Pundit reported on her historic win back in November.

Transgender Democrat Wins Minnesota House Seat in Landslide Victory

Alongside Leigh were actual women such as Michelle Obama, and astronaut Colonel Nicole Mann.

The intentional destruction and erasure of women is nothing new in this country. In 2015 Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner was named Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine. Leah Thomas destroyed female competitors to become the first transgender NCAA champion in division 1 history and was later nominated for NCAA “Woman of the Year” award. Earlier this year Jill Biden presented a man, Alba Rueda, with an award for International Women’s Day. Now newly elected lawmakers are eligible to be honored among women, even though they were born male.

Legitimate women across the country are being forced to watch what is essentially a public humiliation ritual. New wave “feminists” have created an unholy marriage with the radical transgender activists and leave real women in their wake of destruction.  Young women work their entire lives to achieve success in sports, academia, or philanthropic ventures just to have a man dress up like an insulting caricature of what he thinks a woman is, and steal their awards.

When will women push back?  And what will the radical trans community do next?


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