Tony Kinnett, the science administrator in the largest school district in Indiana, released a powerful video over the weekend on Critical Race Theory.

According to Kinnett, when educators tell you they are not teaching critical race theory in the classroom, they are lying.

Critical race theory is infused in all the classroom teachings. Race is used as an excuse when minority students fail. All problems are blamed on the white male and capitalism. And teachers are using content from critical race theory authors in all of the disciplines from science to art.

This was a powerful video. Kinnett was on the Tucker Carlson show last night.

“Anti-Racism” Definition pulled from our BLM & 1619 Project resolutions:

(Yes it’s true that @nhannahjones admitted she made up parts of 1619 project, but that’s just icing on the cake):

— Tony Kinnett (@TheTonus) November 4, 2021

Yes, we told principals at the beginning of the year to lie to parents and tell them we weren’t using CRT in schools. Yes, we continue to lie.

— Tony Kinnett (@TheTonus) November 4, 2021

Here is Tony Kinnett on last night with Tucker Carlson.

WATCH: Our very own @TheTonus appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss critical race theory. (1/2)

— Chalkboard Review (@ChalkBoardRev) November 5, 2021

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