Hardworking Volunteers Perform This Audit That YOU Paid for

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Arizona Legislature is preparing to adjourn for the year and go home until January 2022, leaving their post BEFORE the Arizona audit report is produced and laws or legislation can be created.

Arizona Senate to Adjourn BEFORE Arizona Audit Results Released – Not Scheduled to Reconvene Until 2022

@RealGenFlynn shared an incredible video on Telegram today.

The message was:

While the single most important vote audit ever, in the history of The United States of America is going on in Arizona, behind these doors, something not right is going on! Hundreds of workers, working hard to get the facts, which YOU donated your hard earned money TO MAKE HAPPEN! But these guys DONT WANT TO WORK HARD TOO! Bet you are wondering why!

What these guys dont want you to know is they have a secret excuse to keep the status quo. The secret every senator knows… If they go to recess BEFORE the audit results come out they get to walk away and NOT change a thing.

While they “vacay”, we get stuck with ANOTHER BAD ELECTION

While they congratulate themselves for being so smart, THEY KNOW!

If they just “walk away” and go into recess, they won’t have to acknowledge the discoveries of the audit.

So they won’t have to deal with making new laws to keep this from happening again!

The auditors worked their asses off to get facts for you!

Shouldn’t your Senators work their asses off for you too?

Think about it! These senators work FOR YOU!



Arizona Senators DO YOUR JOB!

Tell your senators “No break till the whole job is Done!”

You walk away from us, there will be hell to pay!

The Arizona Senate has still not decided on a budget for 2022 and is still in session now. However, AZEdNews reported that “The rumor is that issues with moving to a state income tax system with one or two tax rates – flat rate system – have been worked out and the votes to approve the budget are available”. They are live streaming the budget hearing, which started today at 10 am.

We must call our legislators and demand that they delay the end of the legislative session (Sine Die).   The video below will provide more information and another step you can take to ensure your voice is heard.

We must contact the Arizona legislators and demand they stay in session. NO BREAK TILL THE WHOLE JOB IS DONE!

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