Poor Democrat Hillary Scholten is struggling under the Joe Biden economy.
Things are so tough for Hillary Scholten and her family that they have to turn off the window AC unit to stretch their pennies.

‘Poor’ Hillary Scholten cut an ad this week describing the economic hardships for her family under Joe Biden.

Hillary Scholten is running as a moderate in Western Michigan against popular, accomplished black conservative John Gibbs in Congressional District 3.

Here is the ad.

But it was ALL a lie.

Hillary is NOT poor and she is NOT a moderate.

Hillary Scholten made $200,000 last year as a radical immigration attorney flooding Michigan with the millions of unwanted migrants flooding across the US southern border.

It’s a good gig. Hillary could buy a hundred window AC units if she wanted to!

Scholten’s husband is a top political consultant and university professor in journalism.

What phonies!

On Wednesday TGP’s Jim Hoft joined Steve Bannon on the War Room on Frank Speech to examine the fraudulent ad by June Cleaver pretender Hillary Scholten.

Steve Bannon admitted he thought the ad was a fraud. Nope! Hillary Scholten is the fraud.

This ad should disqualify her from Congress. It is that cynical and deceiving!

The post MUST SEE VIDEO: TGP’s Jim Hoft and Steve Bannon DESTROY Democrat Fraudster and June Cleaver Pretender Hillary Scholten on Most Cynical Ad of the Year appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


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