Democrat lawmakers in Ohio had a full on petulant temper tantrum on Thursday over an amendment banning transgender athletes from female sports.

The Democrats were repeatedly screaming “point of order!” and banging on desks as GOP Rep. Jena Powell proposed an amendment that will require transgender athletes in high school and college to join male or co-ed teams.

“It is crucial to preserving the integrity of women’s rights and women’s and girl’s sports,” Powell said while attempting to ignore the behavior of her liberal colleagues.

Ohio Rep. Jena Powell offers an amendment to add a bill banning transgender girls from female sports teams to the name, image, likeness bill. A wild moment in the House, with Democrats pounding on desks and yelling “point of order.”

— Jackie Borchardt (@JMBorchardt) June 24, 2021

Their tantrum failed and the amendment passed 54-40. Schools that violate the new rule will be subject to civil lawsuits.

The bill will also allow college athletes to make money off their name, image, and likeness in the state.

Idaho became the first state to ban transgender athletes from girls’ sports in March. Similar legislation has now passed in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, West Virginia and Florida.

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