The mainstream media has not ran ONE SINGLE article on Hunter’s crack-smoking, orgy attending, prostitute photos and video.

And yet a majority of Americans know exactly what they are seeing when images or video of Hunter Biden in a jockstrap pop up online.

Hunter Biden is a crack-smoking, pervert who loaded hundreds of images and videos of himself enjoying his drugs and prostitutes online.

The fake news media did not even report on this video of Hunter Biden naked on a water slide, pulling on his penis while flirting with his prostitute.

NAKED AND AFRAID: Buck Naked and Cracked Out Hunter Biden Rides the Water Slide to His Prostitute’s Delight (VIDEO)

On Wednesday a Texas group of patriots, the Dallas 1776 Bridge Brigade, unveiled a giant banner of Hunter Biden naked in a jockstrap over the interstate.

The banner was dropped on Wednesday from the Northpark Park Boulevard Bridge over Central Expressway.

Hat Tip Cyrena

The trailer for the movie “My Son Hunter” was released in August.

You can pre-order the movie here

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