Representatives from states across the country have great things to say about the forensic audit going on in Maricopa County.  The next step is to implement similar audits in their states to ensure election integrity now and in the future for our children.

Drew Hernandez, interviewed Michael McDonald, Chair of the Republican Party in Nevada, who visited Arizona’s Maricopa County forensic audit yesterday.  McDonald shared the following:

I’m very much impressed. Obviously we have to give our heart and soul and thanks to Senate President Fann and what she’s done.  It’s the most comprehensive operation we’ve ever seen.  My background is in law enforcement and to watch the security measures that have taken place, the double check points to make sure nothing is done improperly and to make sure that everybody is clear and transparent.  I think that’s the most important thing …We just want everything out in the open.

The audits in Maricopa County Arizona are the most transparent and secure of any election audits in US History.

Hat tip Pro Trump News

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