Pathetic RINO Governor Mike Parson was caught reportedly “ranked choice” voting in this Trump +15 state in order to flip several statewide and national seats to Democrats in upcoming elections.

This is the latest disgusting move by the weak Republican placeholder governor.

Missouri voters resoundingly reject the Marxist totalitarian policies of the modern-day left.  But Governor Parson wants to change that by implementing the “ranked choice” voting in the state.

The RINOs in Missouri are in a league of their own.

A ranked-choice voting system (RCV) is an electoral system in which voters rank candidates by preference on their ballots. If a candidate wins a majority of first-preference votes, he or she is declared the winner. If no candidate wins a majority of first-preference votes, the candidate with the fewest first-preference votes is eliminated. First-preference votes cast for the failed candidate are eliminated, lifting the second-preference choices indicated on those ballots. A new tally is conducted to determine whether any candidate has won a majority of the adjusted votes. The process is repeated until a candidate wins an outright majority.

The process allows Democrats the ability to steal seats in a red state like Missouri. So why would RINO Governor Parson support this?

Via Hennessey’s View on Substack.

Parson vs. Fair Elections

Of surpassing concern to Missourians is what comes after Parson. His hand-picked lieutenant governor, Mike Kehoe, gets along better with radical Democrats than with conservative Missouri state senators. And he expects to become Missouri’s next governor by proclamation.

Parson, Kehoe, and several legislative leaders are pushing a change to Missouri elections to replace traditional elections with the “rank choice” process. This is a scam. Party rats use this scam to guarantee “moderate” Republicans win all the big races. Here’s how it works, via the Kansas City Star:

A group called Better Elections is pushing an initiative petition that would amend Missouri’s constitution to allow all voters to vote for any candidate in a combined primary.

The four candidates in the primary with the most votes would advance to the general election, regardless of party. Then in the general election, voters would be allowed to rank those four candidates from first choice to last — or just vote for their first choice.

Better Elections is a shady organization with a tiny cyber footprint. Its treasurer in Missouri, Dave Roland, formerly of the Show-Me Institute, Rex Singquefiel’s joint. A search on OpenSecrets revealed no publicly available records of donors or funding for Better Elections.

Further, the Better Elections for Missouri website offers zero evidence that their Condorcet voting method would change anything. Zero evidence. They want the Show-Me State to take their word for it. “Trust me, I’m an honest man” would be a great tagline for the outfit.

The best argument against “Better Elections” is looking at who supports their scheme: the weakest Republican governor since Jay Nixon and the guy who wants to take his place.

No thanks.

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